Car Aftercare

So you’ve just spent your hard-earned cash (or the bank’s if we are helping you finance it) on your new car. You might consider protecting it against our harsh conditions with our range of Automotive Protection Products.

Our Protection Options:

  • Window Tint: blocks up to 60% of outside heat, and 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Security Film: a stronger film for increased security, it also provides personal protection. Strong enough to resist crowbar attack
  • Paint protection: protects your car’s paint against fading, oxidisation and discolouration using the ultimate ceramic technology. (Lifetime warranty)
  • Fabric, vinyl and leather protection: protects all internal fabric surfaces against spills and everyday wear and tear. Simply wipe clean liquids , dirt, grime and oil spills, it also protects against fading and discolouration (Lifetime warranty)
  • Rust protection: When metal is exposed to air and moisture, ions are lost, creating a chemical reaction which starts the corrosion process. This new technology enriches the vehicles body with negative ions to shield against corrosion. (Lifetime warranty)

For more information about our aftercare options call us today on 1300-002-190 or enquire online now.