Caravan/RV Buying Tips

We will have you exploring the horizon in a new caravan or RV in no time. But be sure to do your research first.

Below is a list of tips from pre approval to encumbrances to insurance:

  1. Think ahead
  2. Check the caravan or RV
  3. The Big Buy

Think Ahead

  • PRE-APPROVAL: Arrange finance before you start looking at caravan or RVs. Knowing you’ve been approved and that the money is on standby will give you the confidence to negotiate a better deal from the vendor
  • BUDGETS: When you are doing your budget don’t forget those often overlooked expenses of running a caravan or RV: registration, comprehensive insurance, servicing and tyres.

Check the Caravan or RV

  • INSPECTION: Try to inspect the vehicle during the day on a clear day as this allows you to see the vehicle clearly.
  • REVS CHECK*: To safeguard yourself, complete a vehicle encumbrance search to ensure the vehicle is not owned by a bank or finance company.
    • Check for the vehicle’s Registration Number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number and Engine Number direct from the vehicle.
    • Confirm these numbers match the ones on the Registration Papers
    • Contact the appropriate Vehicle Register in your state and provide these numbers.
    • Buy a search certificate to confirm these details.
    • Best Loans can do this for you at no charge if you finance with us – Call 1300-002-190 to discuss this.

*Best Loans does not take any responsibility for information provided by any Government operated vehicle registers

The Big Buy

  • DEPOSITS: Most vehicles are sold very quickly once advertised, so if you’ve found one you like, you should leave a deposit – $50-$100 is often all that’s necessary
  • CONTRACTS: When you sign the contract always sign with the condition that sale is “subject to finance”
  • CARAVAN OR RV VALUE: In the emotion of updating your caravan or RV, you may convince yourself to pay more than you should! Ask Best Loans to check that the vehicle you’re about to purchase is appropriately priced.
  • NEGOTIATION: Except for auctions, most caravans or RVs are advertised at prices well above their true value so don’t be afraid to bargain – you may save thousands
  • WARRANTIES: remember there is no 3 month statutory warranty on private purchases but we can arrange a mechanical warranty for you for private or dealer sales. There are conditions so call us for more information on whether your vehicle qualifies for warranty cover.
  • INSURANCE: If you’re financing your caravan or RV, be sure to ask Best Loans about including insurance in your contract. Not only will you be covered from the time you drive your caravan or RV away, but it will most likely save you time and money. Comprehensive insurance is mandatory for a vehicle that is under finance. Some insurance companies do charge you extra to pay by the month instead on annually.

Buying a caravan or RV isn’t always easy but at Best Loans, it’s what we are all about. Is there any way we can help you buy your dream caravan or RV? We’d love to help! Enquire online now or call us on 1300-002-190.