Caravan/RV Loan Process

We have a very simple process for obtaining a caravan or RV loan at Best Loans.

Fill out our online enquiry form. If you have not found a caravan or RV yet, we can help you find one. We can provide a free pre-approval that allows you to know exactly how much you can borrow and what your repayments will be. This allows you to buy a vehicle that is within your budget.

One of our brokers will be in touch with you to take a more in-depth application. They may ask you questions about your employment, address, income and the intended purchase. Your personal broker may also require supporting documentation such as payslips or tax returns.

Your personal broker will then submit your application to one or more lenders that are suited to your application. The end decision on which financier you proceed with is up to you but we can provide you with the most suitable options to choose from. If there is a lender you would prefer to deal with or would prefer not to deal with, let us know!

We aim to achieve an approval on your application within 24-48 hours. (This time frame may be dependant on receiving the relevant supporting documentation.) We will keep you informed at every stage of the process and may contact you for additional information as required by the lenders.

Once you have your approval you can then search for your caravan or RV. We are able to finance all types of caravan or RVs regardless of whether you purchased privately or through a dealer.

Once you find a caravan or RV, notify your personal broker and they will arrange the rest from there. There are documents and information required from the vendor such as ID and registration. Once all the documentation is in place the funds are direct deposited into the vendor’s bank account and a confirmation of settlement is sent to our office. Once the settlement confirmation is received, it means you can take delivery of your caravan or RV.

Give us a call on 1300-002-190 or enquire online now to see how we can help.