Motorbike Warranties

Bike warranties are designed to minimise the cost to you of replacing or repairing parts in the event that they are faulty or damaged, subject to specific limits.

A warranty can be purchased for various periods ranging from 12 months to 36 months, dependant upon qualifying criteria.

Most warranties require that the bike is regularly serviced and maintained as per manufacturer specifications. If during this service it is found that a part needs replacing or repairing it may qualify to be covered under the warranty and can generally be done anywhere in Australia. The specific items and benefits covered by a bike warranty can vary dramatically so it is important that you review the policy wordings carefully or seek independent advice.

Benefits of a Bike Warranty

  • No initial excess
  • Valid for bikes up to 5yrs old and 50,000kms travelled at time of sale
  • Substantial savings should a mechanical breakdown occur
  • Fully underwritten warranties can be separately financed into most loan contracts*
  • The bike remains in good condition as warranties require the regular service of the bike
  • Log books are kept up to date which improves the saleability of the bike
  • Available extra: Roadside Assistance
  • Fully transferable upon sale of bike to the new owner
  • Protects your finances in the event of faulty or damaged parts, particularly with the average cost of repair increasing
  • The wide range of warranties allows a customer to select the level of cover they are comfortable with. (1, 2 & 3 year warranty periods as well as different levels of cover)
  • Your bike remains covered even if the finance contract is finalised
  • Most warranties permit the transfer of ownership for a small fee, subject to advising the administrator

* To approved purchasers

This warranty is not valid for unregistered off road bikes and it must be purchased at the time the motorcycle is purchased.

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