Check The Vehicle

TEST DRIVE: If you are going to test drive a car, check that the owner has the vehicle covered by insurance. If buying privately and the owner won’t allow you to test drive the car, ask them to take you on a drive instead. This is the best way to highlight any inherent mechanical problems

INSPECTION: Try to inspect the vehicle during clear daylight hours as this allows you to see the vehicle clearly. When inspecting the vehicle, check the ground for oil and other leaks. It may not be a problem now but could cost you dearly in the future. Alternatively you might consider requesting an independent mechanical inspection.

PPSR CHECK*: To safeguard yourself when buying a private car, complete a vehicle encumbrance search (this used to be called a REVS check but is now called a PPSR check) to ensure the vehicle is not still owned by a bank or finance company.

Check for the vehicle’s Registration Number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number and Engine Number direct from the vehicle.

Confirm these numbers match the ones on the Registration Papers.

Contact the appropriate Vehicle Register in your state and provide these numbers.

Buy a search certificate to confirm these details

Best Loans can conduct a FREE PPSR check for you if you finance with us – Call 1300-002-190

* Best Loans does not take any responsibility for information provided by any Government operated vehicle registers